How Could You? (or: Was It Good For You, Too​?​)

by The Bicycats

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"How Could You? (or: Was It Good For You, Too?)" is the second recorded album by The Bicycats. It was recorded and mixed in Rochester, New York over six months -- the snowy ones. "How Could You?" shares certain qualities with the previous Bicycats album, "I Love You For Your Mind": fun, clever songs with charming arrangements and vivacious, loping rhythms. Only there are some major differences. For one, it's longer -- about fifteen whole minutes longer. Also, this album has twelve songs instead of eleven. That's right. And did the first album have tuba, trombone, mandolin, or any trained jazz musicians sprinkled about its tracks? No, it did not. This one did. Enjoy.


released July 31, 2008

Zachary Bernstein is The Bicycats, and he wrote the songs. He played all the guitars, ukulele, bass guitar, most drums, some keyboards, one banjo, and a whole lot of singing. He is joined by Chris Coon (piano, keyboard), Amos Rosenstein (flute), Celine George (singing), Amanda Danskin (singing), Dave Goebel (jazz drums), Chris Potter (jazz drums), Ben Thomas (Upright Bass), Geoff Saunders (Upright Bass), John Elliott (tuba), Stephen Lecik (trombone), Lisa Rubin (mandolin), Sam Reich (accordion), and Jonny Cigar (spoken words). There is also a chorus of "Italians".



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The Bicycats Los Angeles, California

Zachary Bernstein is The Bicycats. Born in Long Island, living in Los Angeles, has fond memories of time spent in Rochester, NY. Mostly influenced by clever bastards like Neil Innes, Margo Guryan, Cole Porter, and Jonathan Richman. There's an old song called, "My Sweet Tooth Says I Wanna (But My Wisdom Tooth Says No)". Tries to make up for the fact that he didn't write that one. ... more

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Track Name: My Heart Belongs To Dixie
"She stuffed me full of cake."
Track Name: You Never Kill Spiders For Me Anymore
"I've got a hard-cover novel with lots of chapters."
Track Name: Paradise Is Yours
"We let the bastards slip by."
Track Name: Free Bird
"She told me, 'We don't serve burritos. Only coffee here.'"
Track Name: A Little
"When I'm eating, maybe sleeping, I hardly have you on my mind."
Track Name: The Way People Think
"I think I smell okay."
Track Name: (When You) Let Me Touch You
"When you let me touch you, angels get their wings."
Track Name: Protect Your Personal Belongings (Parts 1-5)
"It only takes a thief ten seconds to take something from your room."
Track Name: The Illuminating Breakfast
"The doctors claim discreetly, 'it's benign.'"
Track Name: Italian Meal
"Tell your Irish mother that she's not invited."
Track Name: I Left My Heart In Rochester
"I dream of days we dub 'yester.'"
Track Name: Erie Canal
"I wasn't surprised."